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Teeth Grinding is one of the most undiagnosed dental problems. Grinding your teeth can cause long term damage. There is a solution.... teeth grinding.
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How Will You Choose The Right Dentist?
Will you go to a dentist that has the first opening?  Will you choose the dentist that
quotes you the right fee?  Would you be interested in getting the highest quality of care at the best value?

At West River Dental, you’ll find the quality of care you deserve. We'll always give you the time you need, you’ll never be rushed or feel like we’re in a hurry, as we take the time to do things comfortable and correctly.  Every patient is important to us and quality starts with the time we give to you. 

Dr. Holly is an experienced family and general dentist determined on providing the highest possible care. We offer full service dental care including:  dental exams, teeth cleaning, fillings, crowns, bridges, and cosmetic dental services like Invisalign and teeth whitening.

Providing quality care means investing in new technologies. Many advancements have been made in dental equipment, the office offers 2 technologies that make a difference to you:

  1. The Wand which offer pain free anesthetics.  Our patients love it and you’ll appreciate the comfort of pain free care. The Wand is a computer that administers anesthetic to the tooth, most patient don’t even know they have been treated!
  2. 3D dental imaging – far superior to traditional X-rays you receive at most dentists. This imaging allows us to do advanced screening & detect any issues well in advance.

You’ll enjoy the personal attention, the quality of care and the advanced dental technologies at West River Dental.  Rest assured that you’ll receive the best possible dental care by a doctor and staff that truly care.

How does one go about deciding on the right dentist? Call West River Dental today and find out how we will make a difference in your life.
We’re located in Bend's beautiful Westside, convenient to most of the city and the Parkway. 541.317.5732.

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